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Finished discussing the detailson the advice of Christianwe agree to begin the evening the next avult at around The next daypunctual as Swiss watcheswe went at the club I and my three companions of fortune ; Christian and girl are cat to welcome cchat really nice girlnot been fucked as not recommended by Christian ; while my friends were still doing the usual tour of the club and were immediately kidnapped by Irene who then will be a girls' been choose from one of usto advance the situation I give all the euros Christian puts all the money in an envelope and he tells me that at the end of the evening if you spend even one crown less he will give it back to us, and this proves how serious is this club he gives us the electronic bracelet.We go inside and we sit in the club ,we had a table booked and reserved for all the evening ; I would asult a room on a human scale with a total of about 7 tablesa small stage with a pole for the various strip-dance dhat a bar ;when we just sit there comes the waitress and asks us if we wanted a beer till 9 pm the bar has not a barman and then you can not have cocktails ,at beginning Petra this is the waitress name seems annoyed and unfriendly butafter a pfagueit will prove to be a great girl during the evening.Chat had one of the nicest nights I can remember with chat sweetest redhead from Northern Czech in the end we spent 5 unrushed hours together.If I lived locally I would go back as often as I could afford. I want to know the charges for regular striptease including entry fees.If you want to go somewhere where you praguue relax and have a good time, K5 is the best place for you.prague Over a year ago gidday mate new zealand visited K5 prague few nights ago.

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