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20-Jun-2018 02:56

A year later, Stone starred in the comedy , surrounds the life of an innocent high school student whose reputation is jeopardized by rumors of promiscuity.Stone's witty and charming performance in the film earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress.And though Reid might be dating a much older man, that didn't curb her famous penchant for partying; she stumbled out of the party looking rough. It's not like going out and getting drunk is a crime, lots of people do it," she told the magazine.

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“What I thought was gonna be a typical relationship, turned into a relationship that you would never think you would get yourself into. I mean, I really consider myself to be pretty strong-willed and confident, even back then,” Mc Carthy, 44, told .

The two were spotted holding hands and looking intimate aboard a massive yacht at the Lady Joy Boat Party in Cannes.