Accomodating foreign

16-Oct-2018 04:48

If you don’t currently have spare furniture then IKEA is always worth a trip.

We have three IKEA desks in our house which were about £10 each!

The language schools we work with pay every two weeks via bank transfer.

When we had a lodger she paid us on the 20th of each month in cash, it is for you to arrange with the individual. The students seem to like talking to them as their grasp of English language is often on a similar level!

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When we had a lodger they did their own cooking so we decided to buy a 2nd hand fridge for extra space.

When our house has been inspected they always pay close attention to the bathroom, looking for mould (I’m glad to say they have never found any).

So, always give the bathroom and other rooms a good clean before the inspection!

You will also need to consider if your current contents insurance covers you with a extra guest and that your mortgage allows you to have a lodger.

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Foreign students aren’t around at all times of the year.

A certificate for safety for your boiler may well also be requested, some need to be within two years, others within one year.

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