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The dates that have the first arrival in Australia around 60,000 years ago from occupation sites on present day land.

Presumably the first landing would have been on part of the continental shelf that is now submerged, an unknown number of years earlier than the known dated sites.

So while they lived by hunting, over large parts of the continent it was in effect managed hunting. It has been said of the Aboriginal People that 'they are unchanging people in an unchanging land', implying that they didn't adapt so were somehow less worthy than the very adaptable people who took over their country.

One of the world's best known, and highest regarded anthropologists, Claude Levi-Strauss, called them 'intellectual aristocrats' among early peoples.

Waramurungundji), who came across the sea from the north-west in the direction of Indonesia to the northern coast of Australia.

If this is the case, how long did they spend on the coast and river mouths before spreading to the earliest known sites on present-day dry land?

Like elsewhere in the world, the earliest known tools were heavy, simple tools, the later ones getting progressively smaller and finer, and eventually to more complex composite tools, that are mounted or hafted to a handle for better leverage.

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