1993 memorandum elucidating eu charter

18-Dec-2018 08:53

CTI and ECSG/DPS will benefit by facilitating significant policy achievements, identified in each forum as assisting in regional economic integration.

Implementation of this system will facilitate a reduction in the regulatory burden associated with the cross border transfer of data between participating APEC economies, thereby Efforts to ensure internationally compatible approaches to data protection will benefit companies, including SMEs, doing business across the APEC region.

The targeted audience of the project will include APEC ECSG delegates, individual APEC member economy representatives responsible for privacy issues, privacy regulators, civil society, academia, and business representatives, including representatives of trust mark organizations in the Asia Pacific region.

The content will be delivered through lecture presentations, and may be supplemented with country specific reports.

The proposed budget anticipates conducting two technical assistance programs per year.

The specific workplans associated with each capacity-building initiative and the pace at which these initiatives take place must necessarily be tailored to the specific needs of the recipient-economy.

All presentations and associated documents will be made available in hard copy to participants at the workshop venue and will be made available online on the APEC website.

Copies of the output will be provided to all participants, but no paper publication of these documents is contemplated following the ECSG and related meetings at which they will be disseminated.

CTI, ECSG and DPS will work in consultation with the APEC Secretariat to identify those administrative functions necessary to assist in the successful operation of the CBPR system and the appropriate procedures for procuring contractor(s) to assist in the execution of these functions.Monitoring: The success of the identified activities will be evaluated through presentations to the Data Privacy Subgroup by participating stakeholders and through completion and presentation of annual monitoring reports by the Project Proponent.It is anticipated that these presentations and reports will facilitate direct stakeholder feedback, including the annual distribution of a Monitoring Report by the project proponent to member economies.In addition, the project is expected to contribute to future work by facilitating participation in the Cross Border Privacy Rules system, expected to be endorsed during the 2011 year.