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“[Fanti’s work] is new science,” acknowledged Barrie Schwortz, a lifetime student of the shroud and part of the original STURP investigation that undertook its first extensive scientific examination in 1978.

“But it would be more convincing if the basic research had first been presented in a professional, peer-reviewed journal.

A Skeptic’s Arguments Joe Nickell, senior research fellow of the Amherst, N.

Tiberius Caesar was Roman Emperor from AD 14-37, and therefore over the time of Jesus' ministry and death (Lk 3:1). F., 2015, "New Testament Chronology: Part IV, The Crucifixion of Jesus" & "The 30 CE Crucifixion," 22 April.

In response to email questions, Fanti explained that he used a pair of established techniques, infrared light (Fourier Transform Infrared, or FTIR) and Raman spectroscopy, to measure the amount of cellulose in shroud fibers given to him by microanalyst Giovanni Riggi di Numana, a participant in the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), as well as the controversial 1988 carbon-dating tests of the shroud.

Riggi died in 2008, but the fibers were transferred to Fanti through the cultural institute Fondazione 3M. Having taken into account differences resulting from the various environments and pollutant levels to which the fabrics were exposed, he’s confident any remaining unaccounted variables are included in the 500-year window within which he placed his primary date of 33 B. Doubts Because of the manner in which Fanti obtained the shroud fibers, many are dubious about his findings.

The faces and the body language seemed arrogant, at least to those who are not happy with the announcement.

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Perhaps there was nothing of the sort in those faces or in the way Hall crossed his arms in front of his chest. But it wasn’t the frustration steeped with emotion that caused people to question the carbon dating.Asked to list the reasons he believes the shroud is a fake, Nickell argues that its shape is wrong, according to both Gospel accounts and ancient Jewish burial practices.“Simply draping the cloth under and over the body is from the Middle Ages,” he said.A new book written in Italian, (The Mystery of the Shroud), by Giulio Fanti, professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at the University of Padua’s Engineering Faculty, and journalist Saverio Gaeta, states that by measuring the degradation of cellulose in linen fibers from the shroud, two separate approaches show the cloth is at least 2,000 years old.

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