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From medication replacement programs that use methadone or suboxone to treat dangerous opiate addictions to free support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, free rehab programs can really help.

Facing your problem is the very first step toward defeating drug addiction but for millions of people who are physically addicted to dangerous drugs, simply facing the addiction just isn’t enough– medical intervention, support, counseling and aftercare is necessary to build a foundation for recovery.

Others offer free programs are based on a sliding fee scale which means that those who are out of work and do not have assets will get free treatment but those with an ability to pay will be required to pay a portion based on their income or assets value.

You may not find that free inpatient rehab programs offer the luxury amenities that can often be found in those high priced treatment programs, but amenities aren’t everything!

This advertising model allows businesses to acquire new customers over the phone, cost effectively, with little or no risk.

Meanwhile callers get free directory assistance, potentially saving each of them thousand of dollars per year.

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Long distance charges may apply depending on your LD provider.Funding for free programs often comes from local organizations, city and federal government, or churches.Many rehab programs offer free services to those who have a proven disability or to those who clearly cannot pay.Anyone who thinks that they can’t afford to get help, or can’t afford treatment but would like to recover from drug addiction should seek free rehab.

These programs provide many different treatment modalities to assist with the recovery process.There’s more to recovery than taking a holiday vacation at a luxury rehab center that more closely resembles a resort.Free inpatient drug rehabilitation programs can help you find the right position in life to get well.It works sort of like commercial radio or television — businesses pay to sponsor it in exchange for presenting their advertisements to customers.