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It belongs to Pereval'skiy District, and is located approximately 45 km from the Province capital - Luhansk.

Alchevsk is one of the largest industrial centers in the Donbas region, and comprises a quarter of the entire oblast's production.

Well, I belive that you already know some things about me.

Like what I look like and what is my name:-) As for my family and background - I was born in a family of farmers in a small village Bugaevka(my parents and younger brother still live there) near Alchevsk.

She told me about why she and her friends looked so good, as apparently all Ukraine girls were taught this very young.

I thought her responses on these last few subjects appeared kind of genuine sounding, but I guess scammers are good at what they do.

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So I am working for joy all year round:-) My work is my hobby also and due to it I learn a lot of new things during preparation of the events.

Email Number -2 xxxxxx, I am very pleased to get your e-mails and lots of pictures.